31 August 2005

Prozac In Our Drinking Water

According to a 2004 article on the BBC website Prozac is consumed so ubiquitously in the United Kingdom that it has been detected in rivers and groundwater supplies. I wonder if other countries have performed the same tests with similar results. I'm assuming users have an internal surplus of the drug - beyond that which gets bound to serotonin re-uptake receptors - and it leaks out in the user's urine and gets recycled at sewage treatment stations. Prozac was launched in 1987. Before Prozac, between 5-10% of the British adult population was addicted to Valium (Diazepam) according to newspaper reports. In 1966, the Rolling Stones wrote a song about those little yellow pills: Mother's Little Helper (lyrics).

If you're reading about Prozac because you're feeling blue, this parody feature in Happy Woman magazine may bring a knowing smile to your face: How Prozac saved my marriage.