27 August 2005

Links Page

Neuroscience, Medicine and Psychiatry
  • The Neuro-Journalism Mill:
    The McDonnell Foundation, established by aerospace pioneer James S. McDonnell, awards grants for scholarship and research. One of the highlights of the Foundation's website is the "Neuro-Journalism Mill" — separating the wheat from the chaff in media reporting of brain science.
  • Dr. Peter Breggin's Accomplishments:
    Dr. Bregging has spent his working life challenging harmful psychiatric treatments. This article summarizes what he has achieved (a lot!).
  • Heart Failure - Diary of a Third Year Medical Student:
    More than 100 appendices full of interesting facts - worth reading on their own!
Social Issues
  • The Corporation:
    A film which makes the case that the operational principles of global corporations give them a 'personality' which corresponds to a diagnosis of "anti-social personality disorder" according to the criteria of the standard psychiatric reference manual, DSM-IV.
  • Alice Miller on breaking the cycle of child abuse:
    Psychotherapy alone cannot break the cycle.
  • Blogspot vs. WordPress:
    If you're considering setting up a blog, check this handy table which compares the merits of free blog hosting at Blogger and WordPress.com.